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It's a Horrible Brand

Considering the ratings I have seen many might not agree with me, but for those who do I will say this. If you have been considering dropping this series this might be the one that does it for you. I’ve looked through this issue several times, and my opinion remains the same. It’s not very good.

The one good thing that I liked about this issue was the continuation of Damian’s crusade to prove he is a worthy Robin. In this one he fights Jason, and pretty much delivers a pretty harsh truth to him. That he still struggles with what happened when Batman was unable to save him. Despite that Jason’s involvement in this storyline is pretty weak considering he is only singled out by Damien because of the fact he “used” to be a Robin. Jason wants nothing to do with Damien or Bruce, but that doesn’t matter to Damien because he’s got something to prove. It doesn’t make me like Damien any better, but it was the only interesting part of this entire issue.

The rest of the comic I wondered just what the heck was going on. This issue is a good way to get lost and not in a good way. From what I am able to gather there is an outbreak of psychos across Gotham branding its citizens with the Bat symbol, and Batman is ticked off about it. Batman and Robin take to the streets saving Gotham’s citizens from the branding psychos. All we really know about why this is going on is that a new villain named Terminus is behind it.

My biggest problem with this issue is that Batman did not feel like Batman to me. His dialogue seems forced, unnatural, and not central to the plot of the story. He seems more concerned about the bastardization of his symbol rather than actually stopping the psychos from harming more of Gotham’s citizens. There is also a one page stretch where what you see is a direct rip off of “The Dark Knight” movie’s poster art. Then that rip off is followed with a very laughable line from Batman that I simply could not imagine him saying: “LEAVE MY CITY ALONE! FACE ME YOU COWARDS!!!” before flying off to the rooftops.

Everything about this issue seems forced and unnatural. A better story would have been a one or two issue storyline about Damien’s battle with the former Robins, and then dealing with the consequences of Bruce finding out. Then when they finish with that one story then they could move on to the Terminus story, and give it a much better development. The little snippets that we are getting of the Damien vs the Robins story is only a simple marketing ploy to get readers to buy more to get the whole story. As long as that remains the focus, this book will always fail to live up to its potential.

I do have to admit, Damien was pretty cool in this issue. Now excuse me while I go punch a picture of Damien's face taped onto a punching bag.
Posted by mbembet


Posted by Delphic

@mbembet: I will agree to disagree.

Posted by wessaari

@mbembet: i have to agree with the reviewer here buddy, you have your opinion but this isnt as successful as the Court of the Owls.

Posted by mbembet
@wessaari: yeah snyder is overrated it wont be long until he becomes another asshole like geoff johns but i hope not though cos one is enough in DC lol
Posted by Queso6p4

Finally, someone who agrees with me! I really didn't like this issue at all as it seemed to be rushed with little/no explanation of what was going on. I was hoping Terminus would turn out to be an interesting villain but this issue seriously dashed any hopes of that. This also made me start to like/empathize with Damian less as he just seems like a douchey kid trying to prove he's big enough to stop wearing his huggies. That being said, he is still a kid so this kind of behavior is expected and the panel you posted was quite amusing to look at. You were also spot on about the dialogue and it seems that Batman went out of his way to be a d*** to Gordon. Aside from the sparse humour (Gordon asking Damian about how long he's been driving) this issue had few redeeming qualities, in my opinion (the Jedi are evil).

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