harleyquinnhawkgirl's Batman and Robin #1 - Born to Kill review

Damian needs a time out!

Batman and Robin #1

Hey everyone! So before I start writing about the story I just want to say one thing, if I was Bruce I would have belted Damian across the face for what he said to me! I mean come on Damian is a cold heart son of a bitch but when you talk about your father's dead parents in a fairly irreverent way NOW THAT'S JUST MESSED UP. Anyway now that I look like a child abuser, this was a very basic issue for a first. We get to see how Bruce is with Damian, and the two don't really mesh well. It's also the anniversary of Bruce's parents' death. Bruce decides to part with his sorrow and tries to move on, but Damian feels he shouldn't have been upset and he just starts being fairly insensitive. Then Bruce and Damian take down this group of like hazmat people and Damian kills them! Meanwhile this guy named Nobody is hunting Batmen. His target for next issue is Bruce!


What I was most excited for in this issue was to see how Damian and Bruce were gonna work together. My prediction was totally correct, they were gonna clash and I'm glad that happened because this throws in a new dynamic for each issue. It also leaves room for some good character development. This nobody guy seems somewhat cool, because of the lengths he goes to, to torture people!

Art: I really enjoyed Patrick Gleason's art, because it was dark and odd. I was half and half about the cover. Like it's just a basic pose for Bruce and Damian but what I loved about the cover was the background. I loved the eclipse in the sky and the city covered in bats.

The BAD!

This issue just wasn't that exciting. I really expected more from this title. I mean we only got to see a little bit of the villain nobody. Instead of seeing more of him we saw like this scuba team doing something that confused the hell out of me. I don't even know what they were doing but all I know is that I wasn't interested. What also bothered me is Damian's extremely callous attitude. I mean is his character developing at all? He could've at least faked some sympathy for Bruce.


Over-all I think this was an okay start to this series. It wasn't what I thought it would be but I still say pick it up. 3.5 out of 5!


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