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Same old, same old 0

Bruce Wayne is back as the one and only Batman. Damian Wayne is Robin. They're the new dynamic duo in Gotham. However, Batman Inc. in Russia is having trouble with nobody.The Good:Nobody: The new villain looks very menacing. And he's apparently a killer that can turn invisible. How cool is that then?Banter: Batman and Robin are very different. Damian is very cold and distanced, while Batman is strangely emotional. This is definitely a side of the characters worth exploring.Intro: Batman was very...

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#1 is a Prologue 0

I was reading the last few Batman and Robin's where center stage is given to the Joker. And the stories are absolutely amazing. This story begins on a low note. The very interesting scenes are in the beginning and somewhat throughout the dialogue between Bruce and Damian more towards the end. I do like the way they worked in Batman Inc. Just not sure how that will all play out in the end though.Batman and Robin books are usually the story of fathers and sons. This book is no exception. I think t...

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NoBody Knows 0

Father and Son once again suit up to patrol Gotham together, but what happens when Damian's ideal image of his father doesn't line up with the reality of the man?The GoodAs a longtime reader of Batman and Robin (Batman period) I felt like this issue was a complete follow up of what came before. The broad strokes of the Batverse remain more or less as they were. And considering that overall I was highly enjoying the goings on that's fine by me.I'm a big fan of Gleason's artwork and he and Tomasi ...

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New start for Bruce and great stand-alone 0

I loved this issue. It's a great #1, and it's a great stand-alone story. It begins with a bit of emotional tension, which shows a significant change to Bruce's character and an incredibly important step in his evolution, something that we haven't seen in a long time. We see him let go of the past in a fairly different way than he ever has before, and while some may call this as out-of-character, personally I just think that Bruce is becoming a more dynamic character.Damian is in true Damian form...

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"Who..Are...You? I'm NoBody" 0

Synopsis   Father and son are back together, as Bruce and Damian Wayne form the new Dynamic Duo. There is a shadowy menace on the loose, he is NoBody! The Good   I found the villain NoBody was introduced quite well, it has this awesome Splinter Cell kind of optical gear with loads of glowing eyes. It isn't afraid to get it's hands dirty, as the fate of Moscow's Batman Inc. representative proves (shame that, he had a badass suit!). I believe that due to NoBody's last line of dialogue, he maybe co...

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Batman and Son Again? 0

Batman is back in the Cowl in Gotham and has finished setting up his international Batman, Inc.   We start off with Batman remembering the anniversary of his parents' death.  Anyone who's been following Batman in any form (movies, cartoons, comics, or video games) knows this is a constant for Batman since this event led into his becoming Batman.  But FINALLY we see some character growth as Batman turns away from his parents' death and towards celebrating their life.  Only took him 70 years!  Ser...

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Call Child Services. Now. 0

Batman and Robin starts anew, now as a father and son duo. Their new but strained partnership prevents the threat of radioactive materials from a Gotham City, while the Russian member of Batman, Incorporated falls to a new villain who intends to come after them next. It's a solid issue of action, but it doesn't really welcome new readers nor does it really sell this new Dynamic Duo as something to base an ongoing series on.The issue begins with Batman honoring the anniversary of his parents' dea...

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Yet another missed opportunity. 0

Let's start from the basicsArt was above averageCharacterization was above averageHowever...Bruce doesn't go to crime Alley to honor his parents. He goes there to remember what happened there and respect the birth of HIS Legacy.No changing of the guard. It's just a matter of fact that Bruce is now going out with Damian on Gotham patrols.The Batman, Inc. characters being written into this book is dumb and doesn't do what the book is for which is to show Batman and Robin working together. Batman, ...

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Tomasi & Gleason know Batman! 0

I do love a good Batman story. One of my favorite things about DC's New 52 relaunch is that it brings Bruce Wayne back to Gotham City. I love Dick Grayson. But Bruce has always been my Batman and always will be. "Batman and Robin" #1 pretty much follows the same blueprint of it's earliest issues. We get Bruce and Damian and the whole uncomfortable father and bitter, irreverent son dynamic that is fueled by some really sharp dialogue. Peter Tomasi puts together a strong issue centered around an ...

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Father And Son Bonding 0

The Story:Batman and his son Damian team up to fight crime together. A new villain named Nobody targets Batman next.My Thoughts:At first I wasn't going to pick up this series strictly due to money issues. However, Batman being one of my favorite characters and Peter J. Tomasi writing this made it difficult for me to pass on. I'm glad I decided to pick this up because it was an overall solid first issue. I know not everyone will agree with that statement and a lot of people will nitpick at every ...

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Father and Son 0

The Good: Patrick Gleason's art is still awesome, and he does some really great things with shadows and other objects like bullet casings and rain made to look like pearls. The villain setup seems pretty interesting, with a lot of mystery swirling around him, offset brilliant with the name of Nobody. The first moments shown between Bruce and Damian, father and son, are very well written. You can feel the tension between the 2, and rightfully so considering what's come before, and the little inte...

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Damian needs a time out! 0

Batman and Robin #1Hey everyone! So before I start writing about the story I just want to say one thing, if I was Bruce I would have belted Damian across the face for what he said to me! I mean come on Damian is a cold heart son of a bitch but when you talk about your father's dead parents in a fairly irreverent way NOW THAT'S JUST MESSED UP. Anyway now that I look like a child abuser, this was a very basic issue for a first. We get to see how Bruce is with Damian, and the two don't really mesh ...

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"Should I be expecting those words on my next father's day card?" 0

This is one of the books I knew was going to have mixed feelings in the new 52.  I rather enjoyed the Dick Grayson as Batman and "lil Wayne" Damian as the sidekick.  I felt the chemistry was better. As neat of an idea it is that Bruce is a dad and I am glad Grant Morrison reintroduced the son, but Damian is a character I feel is better handled by a writer who brings out his duality of his linage.   While Bruce will always remember his parents in his heart, Damian physically personifies his mothe...

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Deja Vu 0

With Bruce Wayne in place of Dick Grayson, the Batman and Robin title is relaunched with a father-son dynamic that was missing before. However, Damian's characterization feels off this time around. He and Dick worked together before and he started out very aggressive before mellowing out under Dick's tutelage. Perhaps now he's childishly rebelling against his father to test the limits of their relationship, but if so it's not made explicit. It's almost as if they want to tell the story of Damian...

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Bruce is back!! 0

I'll admit, this is my return to DC after a decade's long absence. I was a large fan of the justice league comics, but I could never completely immerse myself in a Batman storyline, not until now. With the relaunch, Batman and Robin has something to offer both new and returning fans alike. Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason do a fantastic job in setting the stage for what could be an amazing comic series in the DCU. We join Batman as he teams up with his son Damian who has taken the mantle of Robi...

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Who is Nobody? 0

The Good: The opening of the story was very intriguing. I love how Tomasi and Gleason pay homage to Batman: Year One by having Bruce in Thomas Wayne's study waiting for an epiphany. Bruce now celebrating his parents life instead of their death is a good concept.The Bad: I don't like Damian's disrespect for his Grandparents and Bruce. The poles were very lame entrance to the batcave. I think Tomasi having Batman now celebrate their life and not their death is iffy, its a great concept, but I don'...

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Eh :/ 0

Note: If you have read any of my other reviews, they all mention that I am new to comics as of September 2011. I finally took the plunge and have bought all the #1 issues of The New 52. I will be reviewing some of the most notably well down and poorly done, as well as a blog post just ranking them.Ugh! I really wanted to like this but just couldn't. I never knew Batman has a son and wish I still didn't. Damian is just annoying and uninteresting. Am I being too quick to judge here? I don't really...

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Born to Kill 0

Here we have an excellent story from Peter Tomasi and Awesome draws by Patrick Gleason.Is the anniversary of Thomas and Martha Wayne death, and Batman explains his son Damian, why all the access codes are 10:48, it's because a September night at 10:48 his parents were murderer.They're going into the Crime Alley and they're in the sewers, Bruce goes sentimental, saying that he could still see his mothers pearls falling down into the sewer, that the sound of the pearls crashing the water are loude...

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Damian Time 0

At first, I hated the idea of Damian becoming Robin, but he's winning me over now. The dynamics between Batman and Damian are interesting; they have such different styles and attitudes. It's clear that Damian, although he may hate Talia, has learned a lot from her and has picked up on a lot of her attitudes. Other pluses for this issue: an exciting new villain, and good illustrations.Lastly, isn't it convenient how all the foreign "Batmen" are dying except for Batwing?...

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