johnkmccubbin91's Batman and Robin #0 - Someday Never Comes review

The Truth Behind Damian

I for one have liked this series of Batman and Robin and enjoyed how the other Robins were involved in the last few issues. I also like Gleason's art work and think Tomasi is doing a good job of getting into Damian's psychology as he appears to be the character of main focus in this series.

This story we see how Damian was created in a test tube and how after hearing a story about Alexander the Great wanted to know about his father. Talia made a deal that once Damian best's her in a duel she will tell him about his father. Each year Damian fails to beat his mother until once he's 10 he eventually does. He then learns about his father and the issue ends with the same scene he was introduced in Batman #655.

I really enjoyed this issue and it has been my favourite of the zero issues so far. I liked how we saw the progression of Damian into what he is. I also liked how when he finds the cape and cowl Talia keeps he acts like a child which from his upbringing doesn't appear to have happened often. It was also nice to see that they didn't just forget the way Grant Morrison introduced him 6 years ago.

Final verdict. Brilliant issue in a brilliant series. I would highly recommend it and it is probably the funest Batman series out there.

Rating: 5/5


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