harleyquinn12's Batman Adventures: Mad Love #1 - Mad Love review

Absoulutely Faboulus!!!!!!

The best Batman story ever! Plain,simple. Absolutely great!!!!!!!! I just love Harley soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Not to mention the fact that Dini and Timm both pwn sooooooo badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also just love Harley's expression when Joker bursts in after she tells him that she's about to kill Batman. Plus Harley's famous qoutes-i.e "Face it Harl your'e a certified nutso wanted in two dozen states and hoplessley in love with a muderous,pschyopathic clown. and "C'mon Puddin,Don't you wanta rev up your Harley?! Vroom,Vroom!!

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Posted by Silkcuts

 tell me what you think of my review :D
Vroom, Vroom!

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