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Rough for Bats

Night of the Owls have been my favorite story arc from the new 52 so far. This issue had many suprises and a great backstory about the Pennyworth family. I also love how batman isn't playing nice anymore and getting really pissed off.

Can't wait for next issue!!!


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    A death note 0

    Issue 9 pickup exactly where iss 8 left off ! If you like T-Rex and bats this issue is for you! The climax of the fight in mr. Wayne's cave happens. Let me say I was not predicting a dinosaur , AT ALL. That threw me for loop! The owl sign was hilarious and so awesome to see. The owls have taken over all right ! When all hope is lost a dark knight will save the day. Well that's exactly what's going happen. The back up was MUCH better than the last one . I finally got know some of my favorite bu...

    4 out of 11 found this review helpful.

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