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  1. Cover by Dick Sprang and Charles Paris.
  2. "Guns For Hire" written by Unknown, penciled by Dick Sprang and inked by Charles Paris.

  3. "Vicki Vale's Secret" written by David Reed, penciled by Lew Schwartz and inked by Charles Paris.

  4. "The Joker's Utility Belt!" written by David Reed, penciled by Dick Sprang and inked by Charles Paris.

  • At the Gotham Museum of Modern Art the Joker attempts to steal the new Knoxborough jewel collection .The Batman and Robin engage the Joker and his gang in the Comedians Hall OF Fame. A large painting falls of its hook and crashes down on the Batman making him dizzy as he and Robin become the Jokers captives . The Batman pulls out gas pellets from his utility belt and takes out some of Jokers gang as the Joker escapes.
  • The Joker upset after his plan failed realizes that Batman's utility belt gives him the edge and creates one of his own. The Joker strikes at Gotham Opera House causing havoc with Gotham's finest with his utility belt.The Joker escapes before The Batman and Robin arrive at the Opera House. Later at Professor Laughwells private studio Batman figures out and tries to foil the Jokers plan to steal a priceless collection of rare native masks.When they struggle the Jokers slips his utility belt onto Batman .The Batman reaches into it to use gas pellets they burst into flowers instead of gas and the Joker makes a clean getaway.
  • A few days later the Batman and Robin are to publicly launch the new SS Gotham with champagne bottles. The Batman notices that the paraffin wax has not discolored with age .He changes the bottle for another and launches the boat. Suddenly a woman picks up the champagne bottle the Batman put to the side and smashes it against the ship releasing a powerful gas knocking out the caped crusaders. The Joker and his gang grab the Batman and Robin and plan a fiery fate for them at the Jokers hideout. Robin is placed on a conveyor belt that runs into a furnace.The Batman watches as he stands next to the the Joker held by his thugs. The Batman sneaks the snake pellets from the Jokers utility belt stopping the conveyor belt saving Robin. Batman continues to ransack the Jokers utility belt turning it on Joker and his gang, thus capturing and turning them over to Commissioner Gordon at Gotham Police Headquarters.

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