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The End.... For About 3 weeks 0

My feelings for the DCU rebot aside, this really was a great issue.  The story revolved around the origin of Batman, the origin of the different Robins, and a basic summary of the recent plot points.  The story is told through the narration of Damian and it really flows smoothly, it dosn't feel like you're reading a wikipedia summarry of Batman.  Being a huge fan of Batman, I know essentially everything about the Bat family, so when I started reading this issue I was a bit skeptical that it woul...

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Perfect End to Pre-revamp Batman 0

This ties with this month's Detective Comics  for my favorite last issue before the DC Revamp.  While DC 881 was awesome because the story was amazing, this issue is awesome for how nicely it ties up and summarizes the recent past in Batman.  It really does help underscore that little to nothing is changing in the new 52 when it comes to Batman (other than perhaps with the Teen Titans, although I'm hoping it's just a reforming rather than that it never existed - because that'd be weird for Dick ...

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Batman's History 0

  Cover I got this issue on a whim. I saw the cover and saw Red Robin, Bruce, Robin, and Dick on the cover and knowing it was the last issue for this series I decided to pick it up. So, I thought the cover was pretty great. Story Damian tells a story about the history of the Bat family. Best Part The best way to end this series was explaining what went on for 713 issues. There was so much that has happened, a lot of changes and a lot of people who had come and go through the Bat family....

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History Old and New 0

The current Batman series ends with a beautiful story that shows Batman's continuous battle against evil. Ever since Bruce Wayne first put on the cape and cowl, his battle has influenced many people in fighting crime alongside Gotham's hero. First Dick, then Tim and now Damian.  And even when Darkseid temporarily defeated Batman, Dick continued the hero's legacy by wearing the costume. In the end, the story is revealed to be told by Damian to a group of kids in a party. Dick and Damian then leav...

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Basic "filler" issue heading into the DC relaunch... 0

Well, this is it. There is only been one "Batman" #1 and that run ends with #713. Actually, DC could have ended the series after last issue with Tony Daniel's Two Face story but with a few days left in the month they had time to cram in one more book. This book almost serves as a semi-comprehensive look back at Batman, how he came about, and the people he encountered. It looks back on several key moments in the Batman timeline, seldom stopping to reflect on any of them. It's a nice little "This...

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A Mediocre ending 0

The Last Batman story for an era, and they had to do this.  It was okay, it didn't have much of plot or story.  It didn't move forward into the DCnU. I mean you could at least have Bruce write his own story the comic is BATMAN.  The cover is amazing, but they barely have Tim, Dick, Damian or Bruce,  The book should of gave each of them their own segments.  The Solicit says Dick is at an identity crossroad, trying to figure out who he is. I would actually loved to see that.  See all of them work ...

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Batman #713 Review 0

Hello Guys! Im here doing this review Im really excited at the beginning, when I start to read this comic book, I really was thinking on the Fabian Nicieza s Batman #703 and the Getaway Genius Story with Batman and Dick trying to catch the original s one. Later 15 years later Dick and Damian are still trying to catch the daughter of the Original Getaway Genius that is with the Family Business...  But in this comic book the Batman story was beeing telled by Damien Wayne to his friends, passing tr...

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