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I enjoy reading all the Batman series. Up to the events in Batman RIP to now and Batman and Robin series. I know that Richard Grayson was Batman for a short time in the DC Comics from JLA to the ending of the Batman # 714 before the DC Recap. I was very happy to hear that Bruce Wayne is coming back as Batman again since his death in time from RIP to Finsal Crisis in 2008. I hope DC Recap will be good. I will take my sometime  to adjust everthing back to a new begining in DC but this Batman comic was awsome to read and I enjoyed it.  It like the 1995 movie Batman Forever with Two Face and Riddler teaming up a army gang to get Batman. I hope #714 will be good ending before the Recap happens.

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    The Looming War 0

    From the explosive first page, I was hooked on what is essentially a build up issue. Batman has his work cut out for him as two timeless villains are coming together for a war that will inevitably be messy. There's a lot of twists and turns here as Batman is playing catch up with some foes that manage to be ahead of him as well as be at each other's throats. We know villains don't play well together, but this is a really cool cacophony. I'll be honest, despite being the flagship Batbook, I've be...

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    This title is getting back on track, in time for the "revamp" 0

    Count me among those who have been dissappointed with what should be the Bat Universe's flagship title. But I was really impressed with the last issue. This issue is the second part of Tony Daniel's "The Long Way Back" story and I'm still enjoying it.  First of all, I love to see a story that incorporates some of Batman's classic rogue gallery. Personally, I love Two-Face and the organized crime element of Gotham. This story has them both and I'm sold on Daniel's direction. Just like last issue...

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