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Filler Issue or Something More?

 Is she the Gotham version of Lois Lane?
I have been mentioning that I am fairly new to Batman, I am so new to reading Batman titles that my first Batman was Dick Grayson. I have never even read a Batman story involving Bruce Wayne except for Batman #700. So this issue was pretty confusing for someone who is so new to the Batman universe.
The Good 
As always I always have to mention the amazing art that fill these comic books. Cliff Richards is an amazing artist with the ability to create awesome Gotham environments with great attention to details. 
The idea of having an old villain's daughter take over the mantle is great because it reflects the same idea that Damian Wayne and Dick Grayson have done a similar thing. Now here's another thing, I didn't know that there was a star comic book reporter for the Gotham Gazette and I found Vicki Vale very interesting.

 The trio waits for Bruce's return
The Bad 
Like I said I didn't understand most of the issue since in the first place I didn't know who half of the characters were. I had to come to Comic Vine and search them to figure it out. Tim Drake has also become a very interesting character for me after reading this but I wonder why he gets pushed aside so much? I wonder if what people say about he being the least favorite Batman child is true?

The Verdict - 3 out of 5  
The story is about a retrospect of how Dick as Robin had some of the same doubts about Batman/Bruce as now Damian/Robin has doubts on Damian/Batman (Does this make sense?) So the story doesn't exactly address  a pressing issue and it can stand alone as a one-shot but apparently its the segway to the Return to Bruce Wayne... I wonder where this is going?
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