the_cyan_lantern's Batman #703 - The Great Escape review

Daddy Always Care


   As a old crime villain in Batman's past suddenly appears, Dick and Damian is faced with a similar old situation. Also it takes the Bat Family to teach a lesson to the still learning Damian. 

The Good:

   Ever since issue 700 we've been seeing the past. It's hard to complain since each have been so good and for sure you can add this in that collection. One thing that separates this issue from that collection is "Daddy Issues". Of course Damian acts out  and says his father wouldn't do it this way but takes Dick to show how he would have done and how they are not that far. To me that is a lesson anyone could cherish. 

The Bad:

   Flash-back issues are great but they could become similar. Again we see Dick's past where he doesn't agree with Bruce and lashes out , but haven't we seen this a million times before?!? Now it just becomes less original.

Review: 4 out of 5

   The lesson is key and very "sweet and touching", but a Dick flash-back gets kinda old to see it in Damian  too.

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