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It's The Final Countdown

Here we have a nice set up to the Return of Bruce Wayne. Vicki Vale is desperately trying to get to the bottom of things while Dick, Damian, and Tim try to stop an old enemy. 
The Good 
I have hated Damian since day 1, but this issue is starting to help me come around. Don't get me wrong he's still cocky and annoying (although a great line when referring to Bruce's old enemies - "back in the day many of your adversaries were complete imbeciles"), but there are some moments where we finally start to see the sad son who misses his father. There are several humanizing moments for Damian in this issue, and for me that was much needed. The same could be said for Dick as well as he flashback to similar circumstances during his time as Robin. I also enjoyed seeing Tim stand out on his own, he's becoming his own crime fighter (a la Nightwing) hopefully Bruce will see the good effect he's had on these boys.  

 This was the page that sealed it for me
The Bad 
There isn't much bad to say about this issue. I'm not completely sold on why Vicki Vale is so desperate to get back at the Wayne family (did she really take a break up so seriously - psycho, or is there more to this?) If anything the worst part about this issue is making me look forward to the return of Bruce even more! Oh and I still don't like this flying Batmobile...
The Verdict: 4/5 
 Good story (dare I say heartwarming...), good art, and a good lead up the man himself!
Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Red Robin #14 is also a fantastic humanizing issue for Damian. Also #10-12 of Batman and Robin.

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