duo_forbidden's Batman #702 - R.I.P. The Missing Chapter, Part 2: Batman's Last Case review

Answers are revealed



This final chapter of RIP: The Missing Case continues the perspective of Bruce Wayne before he "died". Grant Morrison does a great job in getting into the head of Batman. Throughout this issue, Bruce describes his actions throughout the Final Crisis event. Like with the last issue, Bruce does not take anything for granted. For those who are confused to what Darkseid did to Batman right after he hit him with the Omega Sanction in Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne #2, there's a brief explanation to it. There's also one small comic book reference in this book for those who have read "Batman: What Happened to the Caped Crusader?".
When it comes to the artwork, Tony Daniel presents some great work. It sets the tone in this issue as its somewhat gritty and dark with Batman's costume looking worn out as the issue goes on.

If you already have read Final Crisis and Last Rites, this issue doesn't really add anything new per se. To be honest, the "Days to Omega" does seem like a waste. I was expecting to see something more besides the brief concept of the magic bullet. But then again, Bruce was captured by Darkseid.

Overall: Both issues does a great job for those who haven't read Final Crisis or any of the Batman RIP tie-ins. This issue also provides a brief prequel of the first issue of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. This issue also got me excited to read the remaining Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and Batman and Robin. The question is what happens next for Bruce.


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