the_cyan_lantern's Batman #700 - Time and the Batman review

Happy 700!!!


   Taken from 4 chapters, Batman is explored through the past, present, and future (also distant future). The story focus on one item called the Joker's Jokebook that every Batman and Villian want in time. 

The Good:

   After a good year, Batman #700 returns with Batman's most notorious writer, Grant Morrison. To me no other writer could stack to where this man stands for a Batman Issue. And you could tell this was a Grant issue because of the intertwining stories of the past, present and future through one item. Yeah you may had to look back to fully understand it but it was okay because you knew it felt right.
  The art team could only be explained in one word, superb. First we're taken in by Tony Daniel who has had a Batman rep since Batman R.I.P. His characters were well done in the detail of each characters past costume. Then Frank stepped into the ring to show how Dick Grayson Batman is done. Then Andy Kubert didn't just slide in, no, he came in with an entrance. Andy came back to the character where he left off back in 2006 to tell a real story. Finally David Finch came in with the final punch showing off one of my childhood personal favorite Batman's, Terry McGinnis.     

The Bad:

   For some reason in the middle of Frank's chapter, Scott Kolins came in. I like Scott in many other works, however he never came off to me as a Batman artist and that showed. to me, if Frank started it, Frank should have finished it.

My Vote: 5 out of 5

  Common, you can't diss a monumental issue like this

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