shaunw1973's Batman #699 - Riddle Me This, Part 2: A Means To An End review

Am I in the minority?

I hated this book. hated. Strong word, I know, but it was awful.
It seemed to me as if Tony had made it up in a hurry. He should stick to the art department. This genuinely felt like a filler issue. Just something to pass time until issue 700 comes around. 
There's so much good stuff in the (overcrowded) Bat-verse right now, Bat-Girl, Red Robin are two books that have both been handled much better of late than the main title. 
As a long time Batman fan I feel the main book has been ignored since Bruce Wayne vanished. All the action seems to be taking place in Batman and Robin. The Black Mask story-line was ok I guess, but why these last two issues have seemed sadly lacking.

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