englentine's Batman #687 - A Battle Within (Battle For The Cowl Epilogue) review

Batman # 687

In this issue we see that Nightwing is still reluctant to take the mantle of the Bat.  We also get to see how Wayne manor is dealing with the death of Bruce Wayne. They refuse to have a funeral so the legend of Batman can still be kept alive. Of all the comics that deal with Batmans death, this is the one that has a scene that trumps all others.  
  When members of the Justice League ask Alfred how he is doing, and he responds " My Son Is Dead " it sent chills. That alone is the line that encompasses their entire relationship. It is also lines and moments like that which has me waiting eagerly for the next issue.


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    The comic book that actually deals with Dick becoming Batman 0

    Hated the cover to this issue, the JG Jones variant I wanted was too expensive for me too, but on with the story. This issue pretty much pointed out that Battle for the Cowl was totally unnecessary; I mean I thought Battle for the Cowl was okay and a fun ride, but this is the issue that actually deals with Dick deciding to take up the mantle of the Bat. Not much really happens accept for Dick contemplating taking continuing Bruce’s legacy, and deciding that if he does it has to be in his own way...

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