sora_thekey's Batman #687 - A Battle Within (Battle For The Cowl Epilogue) review

My first DC issue.....

Funny that a couple of months ago I would've never touched a DC Comics issue.... but this was too intreasting an oprtunity to pass. So maybe I'm the last person who should say anything about this issue since before this all I knew about Batman was what I saw in movies.

I was actually surprised I understood it.

Dick, the old old Robin and now Nightwing, has recieved the Cowl for his own now this whole issue was about how he feels insecure about taking over the mantle as Batman.....
Superman and Wonder Woman even make an appereance all grieving about Bruce Wayne's loss along with Robin, Nightwing and Alfred. I was moved with a part where Superman asks Alfred if he was "all right"....
He answered: "No sir. I am not. My son has died."

The art was good I loved the colors because the whole story's mood was set beause of the colors.....
4.5 out of 5..... Did I mention this is my first DC Comic ever? XD


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    The comic book that actually deals with Dick becoming Batman 0

    Hated the cover to this issue, the JG Jones variant I wanted was too expensive for me too, but on with the story. This issue pretty much pointed out that Battle for the Cowl was totally unnecessary; I mean I thought Battle for the Cowl was okay and a fun ride, but this is the issue that actually deals with Dick deciding to take up the mantle of the Bat. Not much really happens accept for Dick contemplating taking continuing Bruce’s legacy, and deciding that if he does it has to be in his own way...

    4 out of 5 found this review helpful.

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