matthewhex's Batman #687 - A Battle Within (Battle For The Cowl Epilogue) review

The comic book that actually deals with Dick becoming Batman

Hated the cover to this issue, the JG Jones variant I wanted was too expensive for me too, but on with the story. This issue pretty much pointed out that Battle for the Cowl was totally unnecessary; I mean I thought Battle for the Cowl was okay and a fun ride, but this is the issue that actually deals with Dick deciding to take up the mantle of the Bat. Not much really happens accept for Dick contemplating taking continuing Bruce’s legacy, and deciding that if he does it has to be in his own way. The artwork by Benes is decent and the emotional moments where Alfred expresses his feeling about the loss of his ‘son’ to Superman were written and drawn beautifully. Winick did a good job overall with the characters. The reason I can’t give this more than 2.5 mark, as it was a pretty good issue, is that I am pissed at the way DC have handled this issue and Battle for the Cowl as a mini. DC could have easily put out one extra oversized issue compacting both stories and saving the readers money. Having said that I am looking forward to the next issue and where Winick takes this story.

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