englentine's Batman #681 - Batman R.I.P.: The Conclusion - Hearts in Darkness review

Joker Is smarter than Black Glove

 Just as it looks like the Black Glove is going to achieve their goalof destroying the Batman, he shows them that it was only at his whim that they achieved as much as they did. Flat out, this was a bad ass book.  The story was obvious, and the R.I.P. part does not show up here. Nothing in this story will effect the Batman for very long. Yet, it was still a cool read. One part in particular, was when the Joker realised before hand that they had underestimated Batman, so he leaves the party early, knowing things were about to be turned around on the Black Glove. Nothing to do with any other book with R.I.P. in the title, but pretty cool on its own.

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