psychotime's Batman #681 - Batman R.I.P.: The Conclusion - Hearts in Darkness review


Ok, so that's it. The Black Glove is done. Yeah. I wish the finale issue was more complete. Usually the final issue of an arc is the best. This definitely isn't.

Even with the cool scene with the League of Assassins turning into Man-Bats. I wish this issue went out with a bang. Sure, Bats fake dies at the end and then possibly appears at the end. I know what really happened to Bats and how he "died", and it actually had nothing to do with this arc.  Blech. I'm tire.

This arc had it's high points, and it had it's low.


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    There's no flipping ending! 0

    That's right I said it. The supposed "conclusion" of RIP is nothing but a cliffhanger. My husband speculates that the Batman in Final Crisis is Nightwing in the batsuit but I haven't read that yet. So as far as Nightwing picking up the cowl at the end of this issue, I'm not sure what to make of it just yet.   ...

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