amber's Batman #681 - Batman R.I.P.: The Conclusion - Hearts in Darkness review

There's no flipping ending!

That's right I said it. The supposed "conclusion" of RIP is nothing but a cliffhanger. My husband speculates that the Batman in Final Crisis is Nightwing in the batsuit but I haven't read that yet. So as far as Nightwing picking up the cowl at the end of this issue, I'm not sure what to make of it just yet.

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I am probably in the minority, but I'm NOT a fan of Morrison.  This story arc represents why.  Thanks for the review, but I wouldn't have picked it up anyway.  I've got bills to pay, not Morrison's.  Nightwing in a Batsuit has always been a postulation by many readers and perhaps a wish of sorts, so that'd be interesting if that does play out.  Like you, I haven't read Final Crisis and doubt I will anytime soon, but that would be the one thing that would be of interest. 

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About the fate of Jezebel, it was a bit confusing. My interpretation was that there were more than just bats, maybe man-bats, maybe just the guilt or punishment that will follow Jezebel forever.

My approach to RIP is that there's a lot between lines, there's too much behind an image. That's why when I read RIP sometimes I like it, when I read it again, I'm lost. In any case, Morrison gave something different, and that's the value of RIP (for me). BTW, thanks for you explanation of Zur En Arrh, it makes a lot of sense.

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morrison has said that the batman in final crisis IS bruce wayne

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