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Flash of the Past

Batman and Robin go to a secluded island to meet with a group that Batman was with maybe 30 minutes around Year 3 in Gotham. Put together by an eccentric Billionaire, Mayhew, I assume it is the Batmen of All Nations. Really kinda cheesy C listers, but the murder mystery is pretty good and the art is striking and seems old...I like it...kinda 70's feeling. The group is really cheesy but they are dysfunctional and sell their stories to anyone who will listen. The Black Glove is the one responsible and he blew up the Batplane and told everyone that they were going to die that day. Bats response was find the room where Mayhew was killed (the killer was wearing Mayhew's face as a mask) and don't eat anymore food. Great storytelling...I am in there like swimwear.


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    i know usually when theres a Batman comic that has batman outside of gotham i mean i think thats a bad sign of a bad storyline but this issue definatly changes that view i mean in this issue you get to meet the club of heroes, you get death and you get to have them all trapped by a group known as the black glove but you never actually get to see them. J.H. Williams artwork has some good points to me a few times the same characters look differant on differant pages. its mostly morrisons writing o...

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