darkestknight2_0's Batman #666 - Batman in Bethlehem review

Dark future for the Dark knight

This comic is set in a dark future. This comic gives us a glimpse of what morrison wants to achieve when he writes the characters. it is possible that when morrison writes for the characters he will introduce them again but show how they became Batman's villains (morrison introduced pyg and flamingo were introduced in Batman and robin). this shows beautifull art created by andy kubert. basically damian has become the new batman and the entire city has turned dark(er) and as everyone knows damian is not afraid to shed blood. this also does give insight on the origins of damian. a stunning story written by morrison for issue #666- the number of the devil 

Posted by spidermanreborn247

awesome review man

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    Morrison just rocked the hell outta the bat with this issue, a Gotham City overruned by Batman's impersonators, all of them a bunch of crazy f*ckers eager to deliver ruthless justice, using the name of the batman as an excuse for slaughter... So Damian Wayne (who looks like Bruce and Ra's Al Ghul mixed) Must stand again those imposters who are desecrating his father's legacy. Damian who has a "way" Of doing things (killing, bobby trapping things and such, he's VERY SMART), is on warpath to termi...

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