twilightthunder's Batman #666 - Batman in Bethlehem review

"The Apocalypse is cancelled... Until I say so."

Morrison just rocked the hell outta the bat with this issue, a Gotham City overruned by Batman's impersonators, all of them a bunch of crazy f*ckers eager to deliver ruthless justice, using the name of the batman as an excuse for slaughter... So Damian Wayne (who looks like Bruce and Ra's Al Ghul mixed) Must stand again those imposters who are desecrating his father's legacy. Damian who has a "way" Of doing things (killing, bobby trapping things and such, he's VERY SMART), is on warpath to terminate those who are not worthy of the Bat's legacy...


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    Damian Wayne is in Gothlehem or Gotham or Bethlehem. Damian is the Gotham's Dark Knight that you never want to meet! This tuff kid was once Dick graysons' and Bruce's Robin, now he owns Gotham in the palm of his hand! Gotham has fallen to pieces, and crime is running amuck in Batman's city. Crime has changed and so has Batman, Damian holds mighty tools as Batman of Tomorrow. Nothing but trouble is in-store for crime, they should have stayed in bed. Now death awaits them! MUHAHAHAHAHA. Wri...

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