zero_edge's Batman #664 - Three Ghosts of Batman review

Batman 664

I have been enjoying this run on Batman that Grant Morrison is writing. The stories have been excellent and this week's Batman is no different.

This is a typical story that shows how well his deductive skills are and what goes through his mind as he is investigating. But Grant Morrison really writes it well as you see both the cold type Batman that will get what he wants from the bad guys, but also you can see the compassionate side of Batman as he wants people to turn a new leaf.

Andy Kubert does an excellent job drawing this issue, maybe the reason I liked the art in this issue so much is because Kubert's Batman reminds me of Jim Lee's.

Nonetheless, and excellent issue overall. Good to pick up even if you haven't been following the Batman comics.

Posted by HaloKing343

Eh' I thought it was okay. I wasn't amazed by it, but this story seems kind of bland and frankly insignificant. Plus the art was iffy.

I dunno. I've always been picky about art and I just prefur a fuller and more in-depth story; one that goes on and on contined for several issues, rather than a "one shot" type thing.

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