airdave817's Batman '66 #7 - The Fiend is False; The Joker’s Layoff Riot review

Holy Houdini, Batman! This is like - - magic!

The biggest announcement of the year, for Batman fans and comic book fans, is that ALL three seasons of the Batman '66 television series will be collected on Blu-Ray and DVD sometime in 2014. That is the culmination of a merchandising flurry that started in the summer of 2013. Launched with the digital-to-print Batman '66 comic.

If you are not reading this comic, you should be.

Like the television series, Batman '66 is and light-hearted and madcap. Yes, it is campy. To quote the late Don Adams' Maxwell Smart, "And (dramatic pause for effect) loving it!"

There is no shortage of the brooding, Dark Knight. What's usually lost is what is found in the recent Marvel films. Fun. The dark, brooding Batman isn't very fun. Hardly approachable or family-friendly. The Bright Knight is almost embarrassingly very kid friendly.

Batman '66 opens with Bruce Wayne selling a necklace, while outside the jewelry store Batman and Robin chase The Riddler. It's a fun story by Jeff Parker and Christopher Jones. Parker's all-ages writing is a delight. Christopher Jones is an all-ages staple.

The back-up story is Joker down-sizing his gang to maximize profits. It's an adult gag by Tom Peyer and Derec Donovan that plays out pretty well.

DC and the individual creators are all in. Nothing is done half-baked or half-hearted. The total commitment is obvious here. The likenesses are spot on; and this issue sees the introduction of the Bat-plane. It's a jet. Batman and Robin wear jet helmets with visors. Seeing Batman and Robin put on jet helmets and rocket off to stop False Face at Mount Rushmore is awesome. Very "North By Northwest".

This is a comic that fans of the Batman television series have been waiting to enjoy. The only downside is that the Mike and Laura Allred covers take some time getting used to.

Seriously, if you are not reading Batman '66, you should be.

Batman '66 7 gets five out of five batsignals/stars. Now, citizen, Batusi your way to your local comic book store and get your copy!

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