iceslick's Batman '66 #15 - The Tail of the Tiger Topaz review

Batman 66’ #15 Review –“Eartha Kitt, Catwoman Returns!”


Commissioner Gordon hires his daughter to take over the Gotham Library. As it turns out Madame Kugar, the library’s interior decorator is Catwoman and it’s up to Batgirl to stop her. So, will Catwoman will be able to steal the Tiger Topaz or not?

The Good

I really enjoyed this issue. It definitely step-up a notch from the last three issues. They had good use of the digital features especially when Batgirl and Catwoman are fighting. It rotates back and forth with the puffed air in the background. So, it really looked like they were fight. The art was very good as well with a lot of flashing colors. The story was great though, I even liked the dialogue and the idea of this Catwoman having her own secret identity. Because Eartha Kitt didn’t have in the TV series. So, it’s nice to distinguish her as her own character. I also liked that everyone was in-character. This was a perfect issue all around.

The Bad

I couldn’t find anything bad in here at all.


I give this issue a 5/10 out of 5/10 stars. It’s a perfectly fun issue. You should definitely pick this one up. It had tons of great action and dialogue. It was great to see Eartha Kitt in this series, because she definitely had a personality of her own as Catwoman in the TV series. This is why she is a fan favorite. I was really afraid wasn’t going to be a part of this series because we already had the other Catwoman. So, it great to have both characters in the series now and I’m hoping for them to actually meet. If you liked Eartha Kitt as Catwoman, then you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this issue!

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