iceslick's Batman '66 #14 - Batman Sleeps Tight review

Batman 66’ #14 Review –“Steven, Wake Up! What...What...I Thought We Were Done With This Story!?”


Sandman has captured Batman and Robin to find out the secret location of the Batcave. Meanwhile this crooks are stealing jewelry and people’s primed possessions as the city has turned to sleep from Sandman’s sleeping gas. Will Batman and Robin escape their dream or will he reveal the location of the Batcave?

The Good

I don’t think there was anything good besides the art.

The Bad

I don’t know what happened to the digital features? They didn’t apparently use them in this issue either. This is another boring issue with Sandman. Once again there weren’t that many action scenes and no posing threat. I didn’t even see Batman saving the city. He just beats up Sandman as soon as he wakes up, story end.


I gave this issue a 2/3 out 5/10 stars. I really don’t know what’s going on with this series. The quality has really dubbed down here. Barely any action, jokes or digital features to hold on to. I don’t see this issue is worth getting at all. Its better off you wait to the next issue with Batgirl, that issue is tons of fun.

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