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For someone who had to suffer his parents' murder as a child, having a family of his own should be a dream come true for Bruce Wayne. But then, he probably never envisioned a child like Damian. Neglected by his mother, and raised by Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins , the boy is incredibly arrogant, and dangerously skilled for someone so young. Unsure if he is truly Damian's father, but unable to deny the possibility, Bruce takes the boy back to Gotham with him after Talia leaves. For perhaps the first time in his life, Damian isn't surrounded by people who will obey him. When he sees that Bruce won't simply let him run free, he decides to prove himself to his father. But Damian finds that there is an obstacle in his path... an adopted son who aids in his fathers' war on crime, Tim Drake . And Damian knows only one way to deal with obstacles... very directly.

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In this issue batman brings damian to the homes of both bruce wayne and batman. Damian is being an utter dick to everyone there. This issue does show damian has great skills such as mimicking peoples voices to escape from his room and cut off the head of one of batmans villains (the spook). Afterwards robin tries to make up to damian but then tries to fight robin by trying to become the new robin seeing that it is his rightfull place. damian then sucker punches him while tim tries to save damian...

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