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Upon learning that Black Mask has seized Oracle's clock tower, Batman routes everybody to the scene. The police have the site surrounded, but they're ordered to arrest anyone in a mask or costume, and to use lethal force if they don't comply. Batman races to confront Black Mask, leaving his associates to take care of any of Gotham's more notorious criminals that might try to escape the building. The Scarecrow is transformed by the serum in his blood into the monstrous creature that recently terrorized Gotham. Robin, Onyx, Catwoman and Batgirl spring into action, promising to surrender to the authorities after they've stopped Crane. Inside, Batman's fight with Black Mask threatens to claim both their lives. To end he conflict, Oracle activates the clock tower's self destruct mechanisms, leaving her survival in Batman's hands. But no sooner has he gotten her out of the ruins when the call comes in from Leslie... Stephanie doesn't have long left.

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