dark_noldor's Batman #616 - Hush Chapter Nine: The Assasins review

Trust and Games

As Batman slowly finds in Selina a different and warm aspect of life, the plot of who Hush is and what are his plans gets thicker and messy, world wide messy, since he messed around in Ra´s Al Ghul´s plans, something that Bruce discovered at the edge of a blade. Jeph Loeb is really surprising me as the writer of this Batman arc story: his idea of gathering all Batman´s villains, united under the flag of a mysterious player - whose face is unknown even for Jim Gordon - that resembles to be one of Batman´s old foes, instead there are hints that possibly he´s not.

This series landmarks the return of Jim Lee to the pencils and now I really know why he accepted: because of this amazing script by Jeph Loeb. Many people (here in Brazil it´s almost unanimous) trashes Loeb by stating that he´s a lousy writer, but reading this arc story proves the other way around: it´s smart, with a lot of action, he truly points out what makes Batman ticks, there´s excellent dialogues and the plot is intense and involving, with the right dose of thrill, romance and existencial problems. But if Loeb makes this good, Jim Lee is responsible for making this awesome and completely amazing: panel to panel, frame to frame, Jim Lee´s identity as an artist really impregnates and ressonates through every single page, and I just can´t stop readint it! Highly recommended!
5 out 5


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