awesomereviews's Batman #608 - Hush Chapter One: The Ransom review

Batman Hush - Chapter One: The Ransom Review

The issue jumps into action instantly when batman has to save a boy who has been kidnapped and is promised a safe return for a ransom, what batman did not know is that the kidnapper was killer croc who is a great villain and provides a spectacular fight, as you may be able to tell this isn't anything unique or original in terms of story and has a standard, easy to follow plot but has amazing drawing from Jim Lee throughout. After batman's rendezvous with killer croc, batman finds the ransom money has disappeared this set's the reader up for another short burst of action in the form of chase between batman and catwoman along the rooftops of Gotham. This is well worth reading and I am looking forward to seeing how the story progresses and hopefully the rest of the issues in the hush story arc will be up to the same high standard as this issue.

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