dark_noldor's Batman #608 - Hush Chapter One: The Ransom review

I´m no boy scout

Since I´m not a fan of Batman and only bought this arc story because of Jim Lee and had no high hopes being Jeph Loeb in charge of the writing, as he blundly states that a script with Batman´s continuity story is completely different from doing an arc in Earth 2 with Tim Sale, I got admit this was a good start, indeed a very exciting one. Some of the most important villains in Batman´s rogue gallery are in this issue, like Killer Croc, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, what makes this issue palatable for a newbie in the cowl crusader like me. Lots of people say harsh things about Jeph Loeb but I think he did a great job in this issue, like pointing out the detective skills of Batman in rescuing th little boy, his fighting skills with Killer Croc, his hyper intellect in "smelling something bad", his relationship with Selina and his own dillemas of a kid loosing his parents. Also he cleared the road for Jim Lee, whose art is very fluid and dynamic, very beautiful. The things that bugged me are: 1) I remember watching a Batman flick where he changes only the hook of his shooter, but he doesn´t change the gun, and it appeared that this Batman uses a disposable one, what is absurd, since how many of them will fit in his belt? 2) There´s a big "W" in his boots´sole, so come on, is his identity the mosted keeped secret in America? I guess not! This was a quick read, not so many things to hold or think about, but seeing Jim Lee in action again is great enough, specially when he put the Bat in trouble like he did. I´m expecting more, mostly in the script and plot wise. Hope this turns out to be a good arc story.
4 out 5


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