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BatMan 608 HUSH. 0

We start off Here where batman is trying to save a boy and which i really did not get the beginning and he ends up fighting killer croc i think batman was getting his butt wipped and in the background i noticed catwomen stealing the money and so i thought of course killer croc is to stupid to do it by himself he had to get a smart person to do it for him and as soon as he beated up croc. this is my favorite line.YEAH!!! said the boy. Edward be quiet. batman said. And i just laughed and laughed t...

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Batman and the Boy 0

This comic could've been better but it wasn't. At first you see batman about to save some little kid, (Which look's like a nerd) We see batman going to A bank saving a little kid. But what I thought to my self how did that boy get in there! was he already in there? I don't know! this book like I said could've been better but it wasn't now what really annoyes me! is that there are to many questions in there! i'm easy to be confused so that's probably why I was so confused about that little kid be...

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I´m no boy scout 0

Since I´m not a fan of Batman and only bought this arc story because of Jim Lee and had no high hopes being Jeph Loeb in charge of the writing, as he blundly states that a script with Batman´s continuity story is completely different from doing an arc in Earth 2 with Tim Sale, I got admit this was a good start, indeed a very exciting one. Some of the most important villains in Batman´s rogue gallery are in this issue, like Killer Croc, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, what makes this issue palatable for...

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First Unraveling 0

Story On the surface, the story appears to be fairly formulaic - Batman must rescue a boy from an affluent family who has been kidnapped by Killer Croc only to end up in a cross-Gotham chase with Catwoman, when things go awry. But it's simplicity is appropriate for a first issue because it doesn't overwhelm new readers while still capturing the interest of Batman veterans. Writing With the exception of the Odd One-Out, the writing for this issue is excellent. It's exciting getting into Batman's ...

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Wonderfully crafted, visually stunning opening to "Hush" 0

It's hard to believe that it's been almost 9 years since Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee brought us the 12 issue "Hush" story arc on the pages of Batman. I, like many others, love this run but haven't read it in a while. So I decided to pull out all 12 issues, give it a read, and see how it holds up.  Loeb's story starts with issue # 608 and it gives us a small taste of what's to come. Batman is racing against the proverbial clock in an effort to rescue a kidnapped young boy. Loeb puts together an action...

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Hush Starts 0

Hello Guys!I have this Comic Book since a lot of time ago, and I read it like, a hundred times, so, I was thinking in made a review!Let's start...Script: The script was amazing, Killer Croc was the first villian we see in HUSH, he was kindaping a child for a reward for his recovering, so, Croc want that money for make him a skin repair for be cured, but in the middle of the fight against Batman someone take the money away!That ¨someone¨ was Catwoman, Batman at the first time can not belive that ...

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Batman Hush - Chapter One: The Ransom Review 0

The issue jumps into action instantly when batman has to save a boy who has been kidnapped and is promised a safe return for a ransom, what batman did not know is that the kidnapper was killer croc who is a great villain and provides a spectacular fight, as you may be able to tell this isn't anything unique or original in terms of story and has a standard, easy to follow plot but has amazing drawing from Jim Lee throughout. After batman's rendezvous with killer croc, batman finds the ransom mone...

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