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Death-Wish for Two- Part 1 of 2

After the events of Bruce Wayne Murderer and Bruce Wayne Fugitive, Bruce is back to living double lives. David Cain is being held in police custody and later that night being transported to answer questions before a grand jury. Batman knows that there will be a hit attempted in Cain, but he isn't sure by whom or where.

Meanwhile, Deadshot is revealed to be in Gotham and through murder and robbery he is possession of a courthouse ID badge.

Batman goes to speak to Cain and learns that Cain, knows that Deadshot is coming for him. What surprises Batman is that Cain is ready to die. Batman tries to convince Cain to try to stay alive for Cassandra, but Cain seems unresponsive.

Later that night, Deadshot blows the bridge that Cain and his guard transport is crossing. Batman, who is nearby saves several of the guards who are falling to their deaths. He can;t get to Cain, who is face to face with Deadshot. Instead of fighting Deadshot, Cain lets go of the bridge and falls to his apparent death.

To be Continued...

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