super_man_23's Batman #6 - Beneath the Glass review

Trapped, Outnumbered, But Never Outwitted!

As Batman is going on a little over a week in the Court of Owl's labyrinth the Owls think they've finally haunted and tormented Batman enough that he has gone insane! While that is partially true, Batman has been waiting to make his move to show that he owns Gotham City and knows how it runs, not them. With the epic climax at the end of issue 5, how will the dynamic duo of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo top their last issue? Just wait and see what they are doing next!

The Good

With Batman having not slept or eaten in eight days you would think that he is weaker and going to be beaten in unarmed combat with the Court of Owls most recent errand boy. Not! As Bruce was recently stabbed in the back (literally) by Talon, he still is showing great ingenuity in mind and also [more importantly] strength in body. What Snyder and Capullo are doing with Batman and this title they are giving the readers what they've always wanted; a kick-butt, in your face, pain bringing, super-smart detective Batman! They are constantly bending and turning Batman into the ultimate super-hero as he has never gone through this much excruciating pain before while all making it as real and story incorporated as possible. Snyder and Capullo push the limits of each and every issue making it be the best it can possibly be, with each issue that is released by these two they always find some way to make it better than it's predecessor.

While that can be a hard job for most comic book writers, Scott Snyder knows what he is doing along with Greg Capullo's awesome and scary artwork, there is nothing this team can't do!

The Bad

If you really think their is anything bad in this issue, then you haven't been reading recently.

The Verdict

5 out of 5! Until next time...

Previous issue review:

Issue 5 - 'Face The Court Pt.2'

Next issue review:

Issue 7 - 'The Talons Strike'


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