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Gotham's one remaining hospital is besieged by gang members seeking drugs, and the medical personnel begin deserting their posts in droves. It's up to Bullock and Montoya to protect the patients as Batman and Robin race to help them.

The situation in Gotham looks bleak as more of its citizens continue to flee, a sentiment echoed by Vesper Fairchild on her radio show. On Gotham PD's rooftop, Commissioner Gordon meets with Batman and Robin and confirms the bad news. The mass exodus has left even the police force paralyzed and unable to help. He reveals that a hospital is under siege from gangs and the duo springs into action.

At the hospital, officers Montoya and Bullock are already on the scene protecting it. Emboldened by the lack of police officers, gang members threaten to attack the hospital. Outside, Batman and Robin scare them away. Still, they're relentless and try to find a way in.

They find a way to break in through the rooftop while outside, another group has commandeered a truck to break in. The dynamic duo comes to the rescue but a lone thug manages to snatch a nurse and forces her to the pharmacy. Sergeant Bullock saves her as the rest are subdued.

On the other side of the city, the South Bridge collapses under the weight of all refugees trying to flee.

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