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A subway train full of commuters is trapped in a quake-damaged tunnel beyond any hope of rescue. Batman and Robin know a way to reach them. So does the Ratcatcher.

Batman and Robin begin work on clearing a boulder blocking access to the Rocket Tunnel. A small number of commuters are still trapped in the subway. Efforts to mount a rescue are stopped by an aftershock which has increased the risk of a collapse.

Meanwhile, having excaped from Blackgate Prison, Ratcatcher aims to release the city's sewer rats. Further ahead in the tunnel, Batman and Robin begin blasting through the walls in an attempt to rescue the trapped commuters. As they start the rescue, they run into the Ratcatcher.

Thousands of rats descend on the subway car responding to the Ratchatcher's call. Their combined weight causes it to shift and give way to the ceiling as the floor follows. The rats go down with the car and this leads to a confrontation between Batman and Ratcatcher.

Batman convinces Ratcatcher to show him the way out of the tunnels by removing his mask making him vulnerable to the cyanide gas he released during the fight. The commuters are successfully rescued as reported by Vesper Fairchild and Ratcatcher is taken back into custody.

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