guardiandevil801's Batman #5 - Face the Court, Part Two review

In The Dark!!!!

Batman is trapped in a maze with the Court of Owls watching him and along the way he must fight to survive. I loved how he survived the maze and kept going even when their watching him. The art is beautiful and love how Greg Capullo makes the maze and area so well done and Scott Synder does a great job making story so well done and it keeps getting better and I enjoy reading it. The labyrinth is so amazing and I liked seeing Talon too. Overall I'm giving it a 5/5 because the story is getting more interesting, the art is so amazing and incredible and seeing Batman survive on his own against these powerful foes. It was interesting to Bruce's parents too. Fans need to read this because the story is getting interesting and I can't wait to read more.


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    A-Maze-Ing! 0

    Batman remained skeptical of the Court of Owls, but he is captured and put into a maze. Lost in the maze, lost in the head, beaten down and broken, this is Batman like we have never seen him before.Scott Snyder's Batman series is just about everything a fan of Batman wants. This is the best Batman series there is and it just continues to get better. There's really no plot and no advancement of the story. That's okay. This is a look into Batman that we've never seen before. Batman has been broken...

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