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Batman RIP all over again 0

So where do I start?Good:The art,it was amazing.I divided the score between the art and the writing.The art gets 2.5/2.5, I would recommend this issue simply for the art,I just cannot do it justice with words.It has to be seen,simply superb.Bad:Um...can I say everything else? I don't see what the fuss is about.I have read this,more than once in RIP,Cult,Knightfall etc.So I fail to understand why people go ahead and say this is unlike anything they've ever read.Batman was horribly OOC.There was n...

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The Court of Chilling 0

Scott Snyder is a great writer. He has proved it for the past four issue of Batman. Now we have the fifth issue. Does Scott take it to an all new level?   THE GOOD: The art is amazing in this issue. I really like Greg Capullo's art but this issue just makes it as important in the story and you really have to pay attention to get everything. It's amazing. The story is the best part of this issue and this issue is the best of the series so far. We have Batman stuck in a maze and the things that ha...

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Capullo steals the show. 0

Art: Phenomenal art. Greg Capullo has really given Batman it's own identity with his sketchy, vivid and haunting pencils. You could say it's a slight fault with the other 3 Batman titles (Batman & Robin less so), that they don't really stand out with their own unique art style. This issue is all about Capullo's work as he immerses you into Bruce's psychedelic trip and almost makes you as dissorietated as he is. The crazy eye, the shredded cape, the never ending maze really show how bad a sit...

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best batman ever 0

I'm enjoying this series a lot and keep asking my self can it get better? and Scott Snyder and Gred Capullo manage to deliver each month I which they keep them together they are a good team.the art on the cover by it self can sell, but when you open the book and find that the art is not just consistent but better than the cover it self.the storyline is holding up and building lots of suspense I cant wait until the court of owls crossover it would be a nice addition to my collection....

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Batman #5 0

SummaryAs Batman’s friends and family endlessly search for his whereabouts the man himself stumbles endlessly around a labyrinth beneath the City of Gotham. The Owls have Batman exactly where they want him, and this time – Batman may not be able to escape.What I likedBatman is getting beaten: I keep saying this over and over again, so I’ll keep it brief. Batman recently has been taken down a peg or two, making him a more believable character but more importantly, dispelling the Batman wins becau...

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Yeaaarrgh my MIND! They Broke the Bat! 0

Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo has been both very well written and illustrated thus far, I have been trying to back away from reviewing popular titles with overwhelming amounts of positive reviews because another positive review would have very little meaning to what is already said. However with that said this issue goes above and beyond in the storytelling aspect as well as illustrative. This issue in particular gets so engaging to the point where one must actually turn the book in an...

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You Can't Trick Me! I Invented All The Tricks! 0

It's my favorite week of the month which can only mean one thing; a new issue of Batman came out this week. Once again Scott Snyder has managed to deliver an enticing issue that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  I admit I was a little skeptical about possibility this issue may not live up to the expectations I have for this series. The cliffhanger last issue was a little weird; Batman falling into a labyrinth. I was wondering for an entire month how Snyder would play this out. He didn't disap...

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Batman # 5 0

Batman is going insane literally. We have Batman trapped in a maze of the The Court Of Owls nest and it’s feeding time. This is a amazing issue, from issue # 2 this book has improved dramatically. As Batman journeys lost and abandon to find his way readers all get to experience how the Batman is dealing with being insane for the moment. As you turn the pages you may experience the book being sideways to upside down. That way readers can get a twist of what is really going on. Blue Goblin in his ...

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Batman is good...not great...yet. 0

The New DC 52 Batman has blown me away with this new villain/or villains in the Court of Owls. They are appropriately creepy and the promise of their story unfurling like an unsettling bedtime story or urban legend is chill worthy. However there have been many reviewers that have decided to anoint Scott Snyder the second coming and the greatest Batman scribe in recent memory. I beg to differ. Grant Morrison can get very pretentious and tiresome with his endless streams of ideas but he is a dream...

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A-Maze-Ing! 0

Batman remained skeptical of the Court of Owls, but he is captured and put into a maze. Lost in the maze, lost in the head, beaten down and broken, this is Batman like we have never seen him before.Scott Snyder's Batman series is just about everything a fan of Batman wants. This is the best Batman series there is and it just continues to get better. There's really no plot and no advancement of the story. That's okay. This is a look into Batman that we've never seen before. Batman has been broken...

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Facing The Court! 0

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo deliver more batty goodness as Batman is in the Owl Maze facing off against the Court! This is one of the greatest stories of the entire New 52 era. Why? Because Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo want to give a comic that is worth reading over-and-over again, you should be reading this!The GoodMissing out on this series would be a big mistake!With Batman having been forced into the Owl labyrinth by a guardian Owl keeper, Batman is miles under Gotham City with no one kno...

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Stay in the Dark... 0

I'm fairly new to the world of comics outside of movies (started reading Summer '10). My first love is the Avengers team, and haven't read much Batman outside of Hush and Killing Joke. I picked up Batman with the "New 52", and must say, this story arc is honkin' sweet.This issue is easily in my top 5 and probably close to the top spot.I loved seeing what lurked behind in the shadows throughout. Cheers on the mythology reference with the challenge Batman faces. What pushed this issue over the top...

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Comic Book Trickery 0

As someone who got into comics over the past few years I have been loving the DCNU, particularly Batman who I have always been a fan of. So far the story has been gripping, the artwork dark and a little sinister, just as it should be, and what a brilliant villain. I think what particular got me with this issue was the clever trick with the maze and the room of photos. I don't know about you, but I am not Batman and I didn't invent all the tricks so proceeded to go round in circles a good 2-3 tim...

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Twisting and Turning, The Labyrinth Calls Your Heart To The Abyss 0

Grant Morrison's a hard man to be compared to. I know Morrison gets a lot of backlash from some, and I'm not here to cause a Morrison debate. No matter what you think of the man, you know he has quite a following, many many fans declare him to be The Best, or at least among the ultimate greatest of the greats, heads and tails above the others. I happen to agree. I say this so you'll understand how big a compliment I'm giving Snyder when I say he has taken something Morrison blew me away with not...

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Downside Up 0

Well with my investment in Nightwing hanging by a thread, it looks like I may soon be needing to fill my Batman quota elsewhere. So why not go straight to the Dark Knight himself with a series I've heard nothing but good things about. I'll admit, I'm jumping into the middle here but I'm pretty good at that. So we start with commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock keeping the bat signal lit to inspire people or something. It's actually a pretty nice scene that shows how much Batman means to people...

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Comic Review -- Batman #5: Face the Court / Scott Snyder, Greg Ca 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...Oh, wow. Nice cover. Batman, lying on the ground, covered in blood, trying to pull himself away as the Talon bears down on him, daggers drawn and dripping. The scene is only partially lit and suggests a partially enclosed area. This looks deliciously grim!Over a week has passed, with Batman stuck in the Court of Owls' underground labyrinth. He's delusional, dehydrated, and keeping to the shadows, where he believes it's safe and th...

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In The Dark!!!! 0

Batman is trapped in a maze with the Court of Owls watching him and along the way he must fight to survive. I loved how he survived the maze and kept going even when their watching him. The art is beautiful and love how Greg Capullo makes the maze and area so well done and Scott Synder does a great job making story so well done and it keeps getting better and I enjoy reading it. The labyrinth is so amazing and I liked seeing Talon too. Overall I'm giving it a 5/5 because the story is getting mor...

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Go Now!!! 0

Ill make this short and sweet. I got this digital only - Captivated by every single frame on every single page, the second I finished it i said out-loud to myself - I need to go buy this issue.Here we see Batman as we never really have - Defeated! The art and layout put us into his broken mind as we stumble through the labyrinth with him. Im not a big fan of the New 52, but this series and The Flash are both amazing.This issue is a work of art....

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