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"A Lonely Place of Dying" part 5, continued from The New Titans (1988-1996) #61. With Batman and Nightwing trapped by Two-Face, there's only one person left to save the day. Prepare for the debut of the newest Robin, Tim Drake!

Tim and Alfred are at the Batcave, waiting for Bruce to come back but Tim is worried something happened to them. He's right Batman and Nightwing are in an old house stuck under debris and crossbeams and Nightwing is unconscious. Tim arrives to find Two Face as he blows up the building! Dressed in Jason's Robin uniform, Tim faces off against Two Face, however Dent escapes but Tim is able to rescue Batman and Nightwing. Bruce is reluctant to take up Tim as his partner but Dick and Alfred sees him as a good Robin. They follow Two Face's trail since Tim had put a tracking device on him. They were able to capture Two Face and Bruce begins to see Tim's value as Robin but wants to take things one at a time. Meanwhile, Two Face's mysterious partner is still free and wants to kill the new Robin. If the pale face,red lips and the psychotic laugh doesn't give you a clue, it's the Joker!

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