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As rebels and government forces clash in Guatemala, Batman battles the Joker alongside a brand new ally: Jason Todd who debuts as the new Robin!

The contest in the Guatemala jungle climaxes with an assasination attempt on a general. Joker continues to stir the pot and lead by misdirection.

Two enemies in the jungle allie , if temporarily against the Joker and his cronies.

Jason Todd finds Drake's spare costume, dyes his hair, and fly's to the jungle to aid the Batman. His eagerness is evident, and Batman is grim, despite his aid in bagging the Joker. Evidence of Todd's brash behavior shows through.

Barbara Gordon is on her 3rd day of watching over her father in the hospital. Bullock gets a gut load of Mayor Hill and makes a stand.

Alfred finally meets his daughter after the death of her foster father. Things become merky as another mystery erupts.


This is the first issue that Jason Todd wears the Robin costume. As if an ominous decree of things to come , Joker screams "I'll KILL you ! I'll throttle you with my gloved hands !"

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