delphic's Batman #3 - The Thirteenth Hour review

Under Our Feet

In this issue the plot of the court of owls gets even more interesting as Batman searches out information on Talon only to find almost more than he bargained for.  The only thing I have never liked about Scott Snyder’s work is that I feel like he is too wordy for a comic. When I’m reading a comic I don’t want to read whole paragraphs in every caption or voice bubble, but still Scott has a knack for telling a story. This Court of Owls plot is only getting better and better as it goes, and this particular issue ends with a bang. Despite my disposition for Snyder’s style, I look forward to the next issue to see how this is going to be wrapped up. 


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    Now this is more like it! Batman finally hits its stride with issue #3. It has the grittiness - beginning with Batman fighting a street gang in a subway tunnel. There are still gadgets, but they are somewhat more believable - a small coin sized device that turns metal things into powerful electromagnets, and a voice lie detector. The art is decent and flows along with the story.Overall a great issue. Batman uncovers a mystery about Gotham he never knew - I thought that alone would be difficult g...

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    This series is EPIC! I love it. It's filled with everything you need for a successful Batman comic! First of all Batman's a badass as usual, there are new deadlier and actually interesting villains, and it has a suburb great plot! The plot makes you dying to read the next installment of the series! But anyways after having not having written a review written in over around 4 months (very very sorry about that) here is my review for Batman #3! The Plot: The issue begins in Gotham in 1992, in the ...

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