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  1. Cover by Pepe Moreno.
  2. Book Design by Curtis King.
  3. "Introduction" 1 page text piece by Archie Goodwin.
  4. "Ego Trip" written, penciled and inked by John Byrne and 3D Effects by Ray Zone.
  5. "Pin-Up Gallery Highlights in the History of the Dark Knight" 1 page text piece.
  6. Pin-Up Gallery Titles and Artist 1 page text piece.
  7. "The Bat-Gyro" by Alex Toth.
  8. "The Batcave" by Bret Blevins and Al Williamson.
  9. "The Joker" by Dave Gibbons.
  10. "The Joker" by Barry Windsor-Smith.
  11. "The Catwoman" by George Perez.
  12. "The Penguin" by Art Adams.
  13. "Two-Face" by Mike Zeck.
  14. "Superman" by Jerry Ordway.
  15. "Ra's Al Ghul" by Jim Aparo.
  16. "Man-Bat" by Mike Mignola.
  17. "Batman Today" by Klaus Janson.
  18. "Foreword: Robot Robbers" 1 page text piece.
  19. "The Robot Robbers!" reprinted from Batman #42.
  20. "Biographies" 1 page text piece with 1 picture of John Byrne and Ray Zone.

Batman and four of his greatest foes appear in a whole new dimension in this old-fashioned caper by comics legend John Byrne with 3-D effects by the master of the medium, Ray Zone!

When a millionaire seemingly commits suicide, the Penguin inexplicably confesses to the police that it was actually murder, that he himself was the culprit, and that they should come get him if they can find him! What's his game, and how are the Riddler, the Joker, and Two-Face involved? Batman soon uncovers the truth about a sinister wager between the arch-foes, a game based around a millionaire who is already dead, and Batman himself might be next! It's villain versus villain with Batman in the middle, all in eye-popping 3-D!

Also included: a pin-up gallery of Batman's greatest friends and foes, drawn by an all-star lineup of comics greatest artists. Plus, a reprint of a rarely-seen Golden Age 3-D Batman comic, "The Robot Robbers!"

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