super_man_23's Batman #29 - Zero Year: Dark City review

Batman's doing his best, but is it enough?

Riddler's master plan is about to bring Gotham City to it's knees! Will Batman be able to stop it in time?

The Good

Greg Capullo's scary good Dr. Death art.

Scott Snyder is doing a great job so far with telling his version of Batman's origin. It's exciting, good story, and has early incarnations of more well known Batman villains -- fighting against a Batman with little experience. And Batman having little experience plus having trust issues is really great for this solo Batman title; as it really shows how much he will change in the years to come.

This issue does not change the pattern that's been established with Batman beginning! The story has Batman nearing the end of the Riddler's master plan, showing how everything that's happened in prior issues of this story arc (i.e. Dr. Death's murders) connects back to the Riddler pulling the strings. With Batman's startling realization that Riddler is behind everything that's happened recently in the city, he might be too late to save it! And that's not a bad thing to watch unfold.

Scott Snyder having Batman begin failing and actually being two steps behind the villain is a cool thing to watch unfold. Granted, it's been done hundreds of times now, but if done properly; it can be an exciting and somewhat refreshing experience. That's what Snyder has done correctly with this story arc. He's made Batman actually failing Gotham in his early days seem like an exciting and refreshing experience. It shows that Batman is only human at this phase of his life, and with time will eventually become emotionless and two steps ahead of everyone in the future. I say emotionless now, because this young Batman is actually enjoying being Batman with all the gadgets he gets to use (i.e. like a Bat blimp, funniest thing to see Batman actually defending and liking this mode of transportation).

The artwork by Capullo is scary good. Greg Capullo worked on Spawn years ago; always drawing the creepiest things [cause it's Spawn of course]. So seeing his artwork with Dr. Death, among other things, really shows how his skills as an artist can go from crazy good to scary good with just a few panels. He also did a terrific job with the fight sequence between Death and Batman, it's one thing you want to see for yourself!

The Bad

While the story was good, I do have a problem with how it felt like it was lingering on some parts for too long. Parts like Riddler and Gordon talking for example. Parts like that took me out of the conflict between Batman and Dr. Death. Sure it was to help the story move forward, but if they were a tad bit shorter everything would've been just perfect.

The Verdict

It's Batman, nuff said! 4 out of 5.

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