super_man_23's Batman #26 - Zero Year: Dark City, Part Three review

Trouble in Gotham, not just talking about Dr. Death and Riddler!

Bruce is in trouble after being double crossed by Lucius Fox, but how will he escape with Dr. Death right behind him? Plus, old wounds are opened when Bruce and Gordon have another talk!

The Good

What a great issue?! The story picks up right after Bruce gets drugged by Mr. Fox and Dr. Death is right on his trail. However, Bruce (of course) will escape and eventually be saved by Jim Gordon, but he won't be too happy being rescued by him.

Scott Snyder did a terrific job with building on Bruce's hatred for Jim Gordon and Gotham cops in general. I liked the idea of how Bruce [as a kid] originally thought the police officers of Gotham were here to protect and serve the people, but as he became an adult that all changed. The cops of Gotham were just as corrupt as the criminals it shelters! And seeing Gordon as one of those crooked cops was pretty good story telling on Snyder's part. In the seven pages that Jim and Bruce talked, it really displayed Bruce's hate and hostility and how he really can't trust anyone!

Those couple of moments really saved this issue for me personally. It was also great that Snyder still worked in the Riddler and Dr. Death's stories; making them feel like one instead of two.

Greg Capullo's artwork was great, as usual. His style is always welcomed for each issue he works on, and the colors [by people like FCO Plascencia] always mix well with his art and never take away from it!

The Bad

The story moved slowly, especially in the beginning. It lingered to long with the fight between Lucius, Bruce, and Dr. Death. However, other than that it was a good issue.

The Verdict

It's a solid issue, especially with what Scott Snyder did with Bruce and Gordon's early beginnings. It was interesting to see how Gordon has really made Bruce not trust any cop whatsoever. Overall 5 out of 5.

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