punyparker's Batman #26 - Zero Year: Dark City, Part Three review

ZERO YEAR glory continues!


Bruce and Lucious manage to escape Death with the helpful trigger of Jim Gordon.

Bruce passes out.He wakes up in a hospital.Then he tells Alfred he wants to get out of there.Alfred ,worried about his health,discourages him from doing so.Obviously Bruce doesnt listen.Gordon says to him he wants Bruce's help.Bruce tells him that he doesnt like him,and he never will,no matter what happens.Then Bruce Bats-up(heh!) and goes to investigate a location.But the cops arive there too,and he finds himself shot multiple times by them.The issue ends.


Snyder really is knocking it out of the park,and this issue is not an exception.
ZERO YEAR has been a solid portrayal of Batman's origin,and at the same,a new refreshing look at it.The "step back" after the "Death Of The Family" arc was a risk,and even Snyder himself admitted that.But that risk is ,eventually, providing us with some Bat-gems.

I like how Snyder differentiates younger Bruce with a bit older current continuity Bruce,with his writing.
Bruce Wayne talks a lot differently,with all the emotions and feelings poured out,at all times.
Batman is....Batman,but a bit more witty,than the Batman you know......(yeah he cracks a joke once in a while....probably due to age)

This is not new,but Capullo's art is fenomenal,no question.I haven't seen an issue, this man has drawn,that i didn't like....

Death is creepy as hell,young Bruce is....young,you can feel it,and the proto-Batsuit,doesn't look campy,but you know it is,because you need to know that.That's what a great artist does.

We slowly see how the Lucious-Bruce friendship builds,with trust and confidentiality.We see how much hate Bruce has for Gordon,for that little thing that he witnessed when Gordon and his partner,took him in the poilice-car....(read the issue,im not telling)...we see how Alfred is worried that he will kill himself out there.We see everything that we want to,from a story like that.

The story leave you with a "WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT,I HAVE TO KNOW" feeling,and that can only mean that the series are going in the right direction.

If Miller's "Year One" was about Batman's origin,Snyder's "Zero Year" is about Bruce Wayne's origin,and how he became this legendary figure,the masses recognise as The Batman.


Image Notes

Aside the fact that im dying to know what's going on here....1.The beard and hair Bruce....hell yeah....and 2.It's Dark Knight Rises all over again....
Im loving the proto-suit,and the slightly more taller ears,but im also loving the fact that it's gonna change to the awesome New 52 one.....is that a good feeling?!.....also....PURPLE GLOVES FOREVER!!!

Elbow-pads.....really?...really Bruce?...elbow-pads?...Fox's equipment couldn't come quicker...

Posted by Ninjablade09

Nice review. I need to catch up on the reading, I'm only collecting trades, it's cheaper for me, I run a tight budget.

Edited by PunyParker

Nice review. I need to catch up on the reading, I'm only collecting trades, it's cheaper for me, I run a tight budget.

I started reading JUST when Court Of Owls ended.....and i read the whole thing completed.....jaw dropping.Now i am forced to wait a month for every issue. :P

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