the_detective's Batman #258 - "The Threat of the Two-Headed Coin" review

Batman Pulls The Old Switcheroo

 Denny O'Neil writes a fine story for this confrontation between Two Face and the Batman. Two-Face plans to blow up Washington DC with an atomic bomb came from his cohort General Harris as they escaped from Arkham Asylum together. The General hated America and what it has become. Harris thought he needed Harvey Dent's genius to pull the plan off. He believed that a nuclear threat would wake up America and together he and Two-face would make a killing on the healthy ransom. General Harris eventually was double crossed by the flip of Two Face's coin. In return the General dimes out Two-Face to Commissioner Gordon and our favorite dark knight . Robin does make an appearance here as he and the Batman try to stop Two face from stealing the plutonium he needed but after being pumped with tranquilizer darts  and being chained he heads back to college after they break loose from their bonds.  I really enjoyed the ending where Batman takes on Two-Face alone. He gets a breather when Two-Face decides to step away from the detonator taking the time to examine his coin. It's then he realized he's been duped by the Batman who pulled the old switcheroo on Two-Faces coin earlier which becomes a decisive factor in the stories outcome.  The art by Irv Novick and Dick Giordano compliments the story and especially the end where the panels demonstrate the drama of the impending doom as the two foes fight for the detonator. 

Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic

Only in the 70's do you get crazy shit like an atomic bomb with a nut ball trying to blow up a city well at least it's not a crazy as the time Bat's fought a Rainbow monster. Great work on the review the story reminds me of that episode of Batman the Animated series when two face almost gets cured of his big bad harv persona but has himself kidnapped and batman has to save him and himself by switching Two face's coin with one that always landed on edge

Posted by the Detective

Im sure the animated show drew inspiration from this and other issues from Batmans past with Two face as main villain.

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