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We didn't need this! 0

Since the New 52 I had high hopes for the Joker but Snyder simply wrote him as nothing good and something I didn't like.But with this Villains Month issue I was really interested in the direction of the story and the issue.This is one of the issues I am looking most forward to because it's about the Joker,that's everything I want and need.The story is more wacky than usual.It's about hot the Joker took a gorilla from the zoo and raised it like his own son because he had a terrible childhood.Tha...

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Pretty damn terrible. 0

This was originally posted on my blog here.So, my Villain’s Month reading kicked off a couple hours ago with Andy Kubert’s Batman #23.1, featuring The Joker. As I’ve remarked elsewhere, some of these Villain’s Month issues are essential origin issues, or they are continuations of the ongoing Trinity War/Forever Evil event continuity. This particular issue falls somewhere in the middle, since it is a flashback issue set at some point in The Joker’s past, presumably. It barely touches on his origi...

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Gives me hope for DC's future use of Joker 0

After Death of the Family I was quite disappointed in how Joker was handled. This story however, is more like The Joker I'm a fan of. The story is as wacky as Joker should be. He's raising a gorilla as a sidekick. This Joker's jokes are more on key with what Joker's jokes are more like and I overall enjoyed this Joker more then Death of the Family's. The flashback scenes seem to be misunderstood. People seem to think that they're meant to be a definite "origin" for Joker. They're not. They're s...

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One of the worst comics I've ever read 5

Scott Snyder, YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS! I've always liked the Joker. I didn't care for his portrayal in Death of the Family, so I was hoping this could save the Joker in the New 52. And this was just awful. This is just so bad. It's not even bad, it's just atrocious. There are so many things wrong this this comic. I warn you, this will be more of a rant than a review, so you may want to skip this. Still here? Then let's start this.First off, I have to ask: Why are we trying to give ...

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Don't Read This! 1

Don't read this!No, seriously, do not read this!I'd say this issue is a train wreck, but frankly I would watch a train wreck live with popcorn and a soda before I read this thing again. Harsh, probably, but that doesn't make this issue any better. I haven't read every issue in villains months thus far, not really planning on it, but I find it ironic that the story that's cover has been used in all the ads for this event turned out to be such an abysmal story.We actually start out fairly promisin...

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A fun, quick and easy read 0

First of all, let me say that I read some reviews before picking up this comic and as it was butchered in most of them, my expectations going in were not very high. At the same time, the main complaint seemed to be the fact that Andy Kubert attempted to write an origin story for the Joker, an idea that I don't find appalling at all.StoryOnce reading the actual comic, I soon noticed that this complaint had been overly exaggerated. Yes, there is a flashback to Joker's childhood, but by no means do...

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It's A Joke, Get It? Not Really. 73

I was really hoping that after Snyders treatment of Joker we would get something decent, but no i had to get my hopes up and get this afterwards.l'm not even going to waste time on the introduction on this one, it was simply put a Bad issue, and i did not enjoy it. The Problem here is that Kubert waste an issue completely, this could have actually been something interesting, but it turned out to be just for the Laughs, which doesn't make sense because we don't really read Joker stories to laugh,...

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Monkey business 26

I am bad about spoiling things so I'm warning you now. Anyway I'm checking out all the villain month comics so let's see if the clown price of crime stands up strong compared to the other various rogues.The Good:The Joker does seem pretty Jokerish in this one and the plan certainly feels like the sort of thing the Joker would do. It's pretty silly all around, but I actually like that. The art is pretty solid with some little exceptions. The Bad:So the Joker gets a new origin in this one and it'...

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What a load of monkey business 0

Synopsis Batman #23.1 or Joker #1 tells us the story we’ve all been clamouring to hear. It’s time for the origin of that monkey from Batman #666… brilliant.Ok. Several years whilst robbing Gotham City Zoo, The Joker steals a gorilla and raises it as his evil son. He calls the ape, “Jackanapes” and they commit crimes together… I guess? Oh, and in the end it falls out of a plane. I’ve tried to type a better synopsis for this issue but honestly that’s all that happens. To be fair we see flashback t...

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The Joker and His Monkey 0

Here is my video review for Batman issue 23.1 Joker. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below. Here is the link for my video review:

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Monkey Business 7

Just like we all have our favorite heroes, we have our favorite villains. Usually, what attracts us in a hero is what they stand for. What they do that goes above and beyond, the example they set. They make us want to not only be them, but they makes us want to be better people in our day to day lives. Villains, good villains, have the opposite effect. A good villain, you despise them. You enjoy seeing your hero overcome the tremendous obstacles that the villain puts in front of them, and...

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Even Joker wouldn't find this funny. 7

It’s the Joker need I say anything else? Yes probably the Joker is not my favourite DC villain, but I still think he’s a fantastic villain, and he’s a classic, and a chance to see a past adventure of his grabbed my interest immediately, although I was still sceptical about this considering Andy Kubert was writing it, and although I love his art, I don’t think he’s ever written anything before.PlotIn the past you see Joker as a child being treated badly by his aunt, and his aunt tries to clean h...

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Lost opportunity 0

I was expecting a lot more from this issue. The story was short, and not very entertaining. It had no heart and felt rushed, or incomplete. I'm a 3D nerd, so I love the cover and the interior art was satisfactory. I feel this was a missed opportunity on what could have been an interesting and fun issue....

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The Jokes on Us 18

Villains Month is here, and everyone will have their favourite villain that they are looking forward to reading. Mine personally is this man, the Joker, and although I was sceptical about Andy Kubert becoming a writer, I had a lot of hope that he would do a good job. So did he?PlotFollowing his troubled childhood Joker takes a gorilla from a zoo, and helps it to become his sidekick, Jackanapes.ReviewThis has to be one of the worst comic book issues that I have read in a long time, and it's such ...

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Batman #23.1: The Joker Review – “When the Joker has a soft side?” 0

IntroHere’s another issue of villain’s month and it’s a look at Joker’s unknown soft side. I admit I was really disappointed with this issue because it isn’t really much of an origin story. It just another little story that seems boring about The Joker’s past. It’s really sad because I was really looking forward to this.StoryThe Joker and his minions are breaking into a zoo. But an ape has caught Joker’s eye and remind him of his terrible childhood. So, he ends up taking it with him and raises ...

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For Lack of a Better Punch Line... 0

All I can say is... really? I love the Joker as a character, but this was embarrassing. This story follows the strange relationship between Joker and his adopted ape "son" Jackanapes. You would think that would make an entertaining story with some humorous instances... sadly, the jokes are few and far between. The Story/Writing The story felt bland, and most importantly, unnecessary. Even the attempt at Joker's backstory falls flat, giving a slight sense of sympathy for a character that...

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Batman #23.1 Rating 0

Cover & Solicit - 4/5Would I pick-up or buy the comic based on the solicit or cover alone?Are the alternate covers appealing?Does the solicit and cover portray what happens in the issue?Do I like the artist's style on the cover?Art, Colors & Inking - 3/5- Weighted DoubleDo I personally like this artist's style?Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?If there are multiple artists do they blend well and not disturb the reading experience?Does the coloring/inking blend well w...

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Froget the story 0

I have not read this comic yet, and a lot of people are saying its bad, but face facts it has the coolest 3d cover. I mean if you have this comic in cgc packaging your never going to read it, so in that case I would just buy it for the awesome cover. It may deserve a 2 star story but it definatly deserves a five star cover....

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Not bad, just out of time (to shine)... 0

What I think is that the history is not something too bad, but totally out of context. This one maybe the most waited issue of Villains month, but gets in really trouble when introduces a new character when all Bat-titles have their own arcs going on. So, if it takes continuity, will be in a very farther future. And the background of Joker's childhood is not something that shows defining moments of his life. I think that something with Red hood or a epilogue to Death of the family would be more...

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I Find it Kinda Funny, I Find it Kinda Sad. 0

After reading this issue I saw Joker in a whole new light, not just as some murdering psycho but as someone who also has emotions regardless of how deranged he is. I am getting pretty tired of the whole childhood trauma stories that almost every villain seems to be having but I guess if they didn't have the trauma they wouldn't have a reason to be villains. The art on this issue is a contras or something bright and colorful to something dark and almost life-less so it's very pretty to look at an...

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Joker's origin? Nah man, I ain't buying that THIS is his origin. 0

Ever wonder what made the Joker, Joker? Well writer Andy Kubert, accompanied by artist Andy Clarke, have the answer to that simple question! But, you might not like the end result. The GoodBefore I get into the "Bad" of this issue, I will say something that will kinda conflict what I'm gonna say later. I DO like the idea of Joker's origin story being told. We live in a world where there are few mysteries, so living in one where the Joker's story isn't told seems to be doing readers [or mainly ...

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