testla1's Batman #22 - Zero Year: Secret City, Part Two; That One Time review

I was talking to the hook...

It's crazy seeing how different Bruce was when he first started out! From the mistakes he's making to the way he acts with people that he normally is so close with! Of all the people, for him to seem so distant from Alfred? It's mind boggling! Bruce Wayne almost seems like a jerk more than the hero we all currently know! I'm hoping that over the coarse of this event that we can really see him gradually mature into the Batman he eventually becomes. Also I loved how the backup story connected with the conversation he had with Nygma. In all this issue wasn't amazing, but it was pretty good.


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    This has been a series that I have really enjoyed, as being a big Batman fan it's nice to see the main Batman series doing well, which it has been since Death of the Family, with this story looking to be just as good, if not possibly better.PlotBruce continues battle against the Red Hood Gang, whilst his uncle, Philip Kane, and Edward Nigma conspire against him.That One TimeA 21 year old Bruce goes to a man named Sergei to further his training.ReviewThis was a brilliant issue, and although there...

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